5 Positive Cat Gestures And Their Meanings

Cats show us their true feelings in ways that are not always obvious. When your feline friend exhibits certain behaviours they are communicating to you and sending you a message that may well display the way that they are feeling about you and the world. We have gathered together five common positive behaviours and a brief explanation of… Read More »

Toys That Are Safe and Ideal for Your Bearded Dragons

Since bearded dragons are social creatures, they too, need to sustain their life and that is to live a happy one. For them to be happy, they must be entertained and one way to achieve this is by giving them toys. Don’t let your bearded dragon sleep all day, let your pet work its muscles by engaging it… Read More »

Look For Quality, Warranty, and More in an ATV Battery and Snowmobile Batteries

Enjoying riding your all-terrain vehicle (ATV) or snowmobile demands reliable equipment. This includes reliability of all your vehicle’s parts and systems. A premium ATV battery or snowmobile batteries are your best choice for reliability. Let’s consider an ATV battery first. Your search for a good product means finding a reputable online supplier. The best suppliers carry batteries and… Read More »

All About Havanese Litter Box Training

One of the great things about Havanese is that they are small, which make them perfect for cramped, modern lifestyles. However, their small size also means they have a small bladder. They physically cannot “hold it” like a bigger dog or a human can. A small dog like the Havanese needs relief about every four hours. Sadly, you… Read More »

Taking Care Of Your Furnace Room

The furnace room, or room where the furnace is located, is typically low on a homeowner’s maintenance list. Many times, the room is located in the cellar and rarely used. However, in order to keep your furnace operating properly, you will need to regularly clean and maintain the room where the furnace is located. There are several reasons… Read More »

Are You Superstitious?

Do your throw salt over your shoulder, avoid walking under ladders or leave something behind for good luck when you move house? Do you ever wish upon a star? Superstitions have been handed down from generation to generation from time immemorial. Here are some you may recognise and some which may be new to you. Some you’ll believe,… Read More »